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The Windy Voices of Love

Here is a project from the deep within the archive. Featuring some great artworks by design and illustration maestro Gon Balmaceda  .These four poems were created way a way ago for Creature Mag across the mists of time.
The Chicken FoxThe Chicken Fox is a great moment of confusion within the barrels and parallels of time and air. The Chicken Fox lives upon tree tops and in wooded places, far away from walls and rooms. The Chicken Fox feels constantly on edge as it does not know what its nature is. The Chicken Fox bites, snarls and howls in a constant creeping scarlet anger. The Chicken Fox finds solace only within fields made from red clover and purslane. Here she rests in a sunlight embrace soothed by the words of the wind. The Chicken Fox is both feather and fur whiskers and beak. She craves the flesh of others of whom she is unable to hunt and eat. She constantly falls over.

The Pig InfantThe Pig Infant spends his evenings locked inside a chamber of his own creation. This is his choice; a choice that…

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