CALDER FOLK an illustration installation project inspired by the folklore and place legends of the Upper Calder Valley, which will be happening across the Summer of 2021, with or without funding- which I am currently awaiting news of.

This artwork was originally created for the brilliant Uncanny Valleys magazine and based on a local boggart called Old Scraper.

Click the link to find the original post amongst the brilliant work being shared on this platform.

I live just off Meadow Bottom Rd, Todmorden; sharing the same territory as Old Scraper. 

Over this past pandemic year I have strolled this shared terrain many times. Mapping these paths with my mind and feet. So I felt it apt to create these works in celebration of my local boggart and share them here with you.

If you use the map below, you can use it to find a small exhibition I have created in an occasional window gallery space and an installation in a derelict building near to my house.

Both works will be ready to find between March 6 - October 31 2021

However please note, the windows gallery may sometimes be taken down. I will update the dates when it is not in existence on this page and on my instagram. 

Keep checking here or catch me on instagram @thecloudgallery for further updates.

Good hunting.



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